Learn to knit the easy way with Knitting Kits.

We understand. You are busy, and your life is filled with obligations for the people around you. At the end of your day, you just want to sit back and relax with a creative project. Feel the gorgeous yarn, hold the warm wooden needles. Know that you are making a positive difference in your spiritual well-being, one stitch at a time. (And replace your old habits like eating too much or drinking too much wine…) By knitting, you are connecting with millions of women around the world, right from your family room.

Why are knitting kits the right choice for you?

Standing in the aisles of [your local big box store – you know which one!] it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the mind-boggling array of choices. Then, there is always the nagging feeling that you could go home with colors or textures that just “don’t work.”

Kari’s Kits takes the guesswork and wondering out of picking your first – or next – project. Each project has been market-tested by beginners and experts alike, and the instructions carefully edited so that you can be confident in your results.

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